Fact sheets

In 2022, BMJ Global Health published the Economic burden of Female Genital Mutilation in 27 high-prevalence countries. The study estimates the economic burden of FGM and the potential benefits of fully or partially abandoning the practice in 27 high-burden countries. This was achieved by determining the incremental risk of health complications in affected girls and women attributable to FGM; determining the costs of healthcare interventions for managing these complications; and estimating the avoidable cost from fully or partially abandoning the practice of FGM.


Country fact sheets have been developed to support national and global advocacy efforts by summarising the country data generated on the cost calculator page in a one-page summary.


Access the fact sheets here:

Benin Ethiopia Niger
Burkina Faso Gambia Nigeria
Cameroon Ghana Senegal
Central African Republic Guinea Sierra Leone
Chad Guinea-Bissau Somalia
Cote d’Ivoire Iraq Sudan
Djibouti Kenya Togo
Egypt Mali United Republic of Tanzania
Eritrea Mauritania Yemen