Streptococcus Causes Preventable Stillbirths & Infant Deaths

One in five pregnant women around the world carry Group B Streptococcus (GBS) bacteria which is a major, yet preventable, cause of maternal and infant ill health globally, according to a new research supplement published in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases. Conservative estimates reveal that out of 410 000 GBS cases every year, there will be an estimate 150 000 stillbirths and infant deaths globally.


To learn more, please visit the WHO website here.

GLOSS Identification Week Update

Identification week for GLOSS ended on 04 December. In total, facilities around the globe identified more than 2 700 women with signs of infection or sepsis.  The researchers are now following up with all hospitalized women until discharge. Results will be tabulated and shared in 2018.

GLOSS in action updates:





South Africa

Sri Lanka

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GLOSS Research Underway

Providers from about 500 facilities have been busy this week identifying eligible women for GLOSS, and have recruited over 2 000 women so far (still several hours more to go!). This is an extraordinary, collective effort. Want to see what the global coordination looks like on the map?

Thanks to a great campaign launched in all the facilities informing providers about the study and common identifying signs for maternal sepsis, everyone is ready to support GLOSS. Providers also helped in developing the campaign by telling us what they knew, how they felt about it, and what difficulties they faced when identifying and managing sepsis through a survey. Representatives of 47 countries completed over 1 000 surveys. The survey was available in eight languages, and 578 responded in Spanish, 272 in English, and 117 in Russian. The country with the most completed surveys was Guatemala, followed by Colombia, and then Lithuania. True champions in our awareness campaign activities!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the survey and in putting together this great campaign. The campaign aimed to raise provider awareness on maternal sepsis so that they could be in tune with identifying women with this condition.

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