We Can Stop Sepsis.

Every pregnant woman and newborn baby is at risk of an infection that could trigger sepsis, an often hidden cause of illness and death. Sepsis is life-threatening, but when caught early and treated promptly, it is easy to stop.

We are mobilizing a global coalition of healthcare providers working in every capacity in maternal and neonatal care. People like you have the power to stop these preventable deaths, just by being alert and working together to prevent, detect and treat this unseen killer.

Because by spotting sepsis, we can stop it. Join us.

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Awareness is the number one cure for Sepsis.


    Maternal sepsis is a life-threatening condition defined as organ dysfunction resulting from infection during pregnancy, childbirth, post-abortion, or postpartum period.


    Globally, Sepsis causes more deaths than prostate cancer, breast cancer and HIV/AIDS combined.
    35,000 — the number of women who die each year from pregnancy-related infections, the 3rd most common direct cause of maternal death.
    100,000 — the number of women who die in pregnancy or childbirth where infection was a contributing factor, as in 25-40% of all maternal deaths.
    800,000 — the number of newborn babies who die from infection, which is responsible for one fifth of neonatal deaths.


    If you think — or even suspect — sepsis, act fast. Sepsis is life-threatening, but when caught early and treated promptly, it is easy to stop.


Sources: WHO and The Global Sepsis Alliance

About Us

Maternal sepsis continues to be a leading cause of death for women and newborns. We need to understand why. The Global Maternal and Neonatal Sepsis Initiative aims to answer those questions through research, collaboration, innovation, and advocacy efforts to stop maternal sepsis. The Global Maternal Sepsis Study (GLOSS) is a research effort in 53 countries to help better estimate the burden of maternal and neonatal sepsis around the world.

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