World Sepsis Congress Spotlight: Sepsis, Pandemics, and Antimicrobial Resistance

On 9 September 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Global Sepsis Alliance (GSA) will host a co-organized World Sepsis Congress Spotlight: Sepsis, Pandemics, and Antimicrobial Resistance – Global Health Threats of the 21st Century. This free online event aims to review achievements, challenges, and potential solutions to combat the threat of sepsis worldwide.

The programme brings together highly ranked representatives of international and national healthcare authorities, NGOs, policymakers, clinical scientists, researchers, and pioneers in healthcare improvement with the unified goal of improving AMR and sepsis healthcare around the world.

The WHO Global Sepsis Epidemiology Report: Towards a Global Sepsis Research Agenda will be launched during the online congress.

Dr Zenaida Recidoro from  National Safe Mother Program Department of Health, Philippines and GLOSS country coordinator for the Philipines will give a presentation on The Burden of Maternal Sepsis in Fragile Populations.

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GLOSS awareness campaign evaluation

We now have the results of the evaluation of the STOP SEPSIS! awareness campaign published! This is the campaign that accompanied GLOSS, which looked at the frequency and management of maternal infections in facilities. The GLOSS STOP SEPSIS! campaign aimed to increase awareness among healthcare providers.

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